8K HDMI Extender

8K HDMI Extenders – Guide and Recommendations

Bought an 8K HDMI cable only to find that it’s too short for your setup? An 8K HDMI extender might just be what you need. You can use HDMI extenders to extend the reach of your existing HDMI cable. This allows you to connect your output device, to your high-definition TV that’s far away.

Audio and visual signals degrade over longer distances and HDMI extenders have chips that can help to maintain the signals. Some HDMI extenders come with a cable while others allow you to connect two HDMI cables to create a longer HDMI cable.

When it comes to 8K HDMI extenders specifically, they are designed to support 8K @ 60Hz resolution and frame rate. This requires them to have a bandwidth of 48 Gbps which you can find in a HDMI 2.1 cable.  This is more than double the 18.2 Gbps bandwidth of the previous HDMI 2.0 cable.

Comparing 8K HDMI Extenders to Fiber Optic HDMI Cables

fiber optic hdmi cable

Are HDMI cables your only option if you want a far-reaching HDMI connection? Not at all. Fiber optic HDMI cables, as we’ve mentioned in an earlier article, also allow for transmitting data at high speeds over long distances.

What allows them to do so, is the fact that unlike traditional HDMI cables, Fiber Optic HDMI cables use pulses of light to transmit the data. This is what allows them to transmit the data at high speeds and over long distances. Even up to 200 or 300 feet.

In addition, Fiber Optic HDMI cables are also not affected by electromagnetic (EM) and radio frequency (RF) interference. EM and RF interference affects the quality of your signal and can result in signal loss especially when you have lots of cables and devices in close proximity.

8K HDMI extenders, unlike Fiber Optic HDMI cables, amplify the signals from the original cable to regenerate them and extend their reach. While this amplification can extend the reach of the HDMI signal, it is still prone to EM and RF interference. Hence, the reach of HDMI extenders tends to be shorter than Fiber Optic HDMI cables.

The advantage of 8K HDMI extenders with traditional cables excel is that they’re sturdier than their fiber optic counterparts. Fiber optic cables in general are brittle and bending them too roughly may damage them and render them useless.

To summarize the decision-making process when choosing between the two, Fiber Optic HDMI cables are able to cover long distances up to 200 feet which HDMI extenders are better for distances under 30 feet. If you have lots of cables and devices that cross paths, there’s likely to be EM and RF interference. This would be another consideration where Fiber Optic HDMI cables would be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want to continue using an existing HDMI cable or have a cable set-up where there’s frequent moving and bending, a sturdier traditional cable and HDMI extender would be better.

8K HDMI Extender Recommendations

There are several top-notch 8K HDMI extenders on the market that will give you 8K @ 60 Hz. Here are some that you should consider:

Highwings 8K HDMI Extender 2.1

Highwings HDMI 8K HDMI Extender 2.1

The Highwings HDMI 8K HDMI Extender 2.1 is the upgraded version of their popular 4K HDMI extension cable 2.0. If you experienced issues like flickering screens and insufficient bandwidth with a 4K extender, give this 8K HDMI extender a try.

It boasts an ultra-high-speed 48Gbps bandwidth, almost 2.6 times faster than HDMI2.0. The Highwings HDMI 8K HDMI Extender 2.1 supports resolutions and refresh rates up to 8K@60Hz and 4K@120H, along with Dynamic HDR. If you want a smooth audio and visual experience with your home theatre or gaming setup, this HDMI extender will not disappoint.

Highwings 8K HDMI Extender Supported Technologies

The Highwings HDMI extension cable comes in 0.5 feet, 1 foot, 1.6 feet and 3 feet options. Extend your existing 8K HDMI cable’s reach and make it easier to connect your HDMI device to your TV without any signal loss. It’s also perfect for moving TV Sticks away from behind wall-mounted TV screens.

To prevent joint cracking, the Highwings HDMI 8K HDMI Extender 2.1 has a unique SR joint design at both ends. It has also undergone rigorous lab testing and can withstand more than 15,000 bends. Its 24K gold-plated ports are durable and won’t easily fall off, protecting your TV and output device.

This Male to Female 2.1 Cable meets the latest HDMI 2.1 Version standard and is backward compatible with previous HDMI standards like HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4. It is compatible with HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, Fire Sticks, Rokus, PS4/5, computers and devices with standard HDMI ports.

Maxonar 8K60 4K120 144Hz High Speed HDMI Extender

Maxonar 8K HDMI Extender

Another popular option is the Maxonar Ultra High Speed HDMI 8K Extension Cable. It comes in a lot of options from 1 foot all the way to 23 feet. As you’d expect a 1 ft extender would be a lot cheaper than a 23 ft one.

Maxonar 8K HDMI Extender Options

The Maxonar 8K60 4K120 144Hz High Speed HDMI Extender has 48 Gbps of bandwidth and supports resolutions and refresh rates up to 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz. It supports HDCP 2.2 & 2.3 and Dynamic HDR.

If you need this HDMI extender for your home theatre system, it supports the latest high-bitrate audio formats including DTS Master, DTS:X, Atoms, and enhanced Audio Return Channel(eARC).

The Maxonar Ultra High Speed HDMI 8K Extension Cable is pretty sturdy. It features an aluminium alloy casing and 24K gold-plated connectors for a longer lifespan. It is double braided with premium nylon and has been tested for plug and unplug over 10,000+ times.

This cable is backward compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4. It works with your streaming devices, Apple TV, CD/DVD/Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Roku Ultra, PS5/4, Xbox Series X/Xbox One x, Nintendo Switch, and other HDMI devices.

Twozoh 8K HDMI Extension Cable

Twozoh 8K HDMI Extension Cable

The last 8K HDMI Extender we want to recommend is the Twozoh 8K HDMI Extension Cable. Like the other HDMI extenders we recommended, this extension cable has a bandwidth of 48 Gbps and supports 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz. Whether you’re streaming or gaming, you can enjoy a high quality and smooth experience.

The Twozoh 8K HDMI Extension Cable comes in a variety of lengths, from 1 ft all the way to 15 ft. So, if you just need a bit more reach for your gaming console or when setting up your home theatre, there’s a Twozoh cable that’s right for you.

All 8K HDMI Extender Cables are 100% inspected and visually checked to ensure quality. Packing is only done once all the parameters meet the required standards. With over 2,000 reviews, you can trust that you’re getting a reliable, high-quality product.

Featuring a strong braided cord, it can withstand more than 15,000 bends over its life. 24K gold-plated connectors help it withstand the corrosion that occurs over time.

The Twozoh High Speed 8K HDMI Extension Cable is backwards compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 1.4. It will work with devices that have standard HDMI ports like 8K HDTVs, Blu-Ray players, Apple TVs, Fire TVs, Rokus, PS5/4, Xbox and monitors.

Final Thoughts on HDMI Extenders

HDMI extenders are really useful if you need just that bit of extra reach for your set up. They allow you to use your existing cable without having to get a more expensive Fiber Optic HDMI cable. Fiber Optic HDMI cables are generally more expensive and also more fragile. Unless you need to cover really long distances like 33 feet and above, we’d recommend getting an 8K HDMI extender instead.

We recommended three products in the article – The Highwings HDMI 8K HDMI Extension Cable 2.1, the Maxonar Ultra High Speed HDMI 8K Extension Cable and the Twozoh 8K HDMI Extension Cable. All three are excellent cables, highly rated and with good reviews. In full disclosure, there are affiliate links to the products. It won’t cost you any extra, but they go a long way towards supporting the site. Thanks for your support!

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