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Free Cybersecurity Training and Certification Exam by ISC2

free cybersecurity certification

The International Information System Security Certification Consortium, better known as ISC2, is offering one million free ISC2 Certified in Cybersecurity courses and exams.

According to a recent study by ISC2, there’s a severe shortage of cybersecurity workers. 3.4 million short, to be more precise. As recent cyber attacks against Microsoft, Twitter and NATO have shown, companies and countries need to continue to invest in cybersecurity to keep their data and networks safe.

This also explains why cybersecurity professionals are highly sought after and are one of the best paid specializations within tech. According to ISC2, CISSP-certified cybersecurity professionals earn salaries averaging more than $140,000.

Beginning Your Cybersecurity Journey

Excited and passionate about cybersecurity but not sure where to start? Then ISC2’s Certified in Cybersecurity™ might be your foot in the door. It’s a foundational cybersecurity certification that will show to employers you have the basic knowledge, skills and abilities for junior-level cybersecurity roles.

Whether you’re a current college student, a recent graduate or just someone who is looking to switch to a career in cybersecurity, ISC2’s Certified in Cybersecurity™ will be a good place to start.

This is an online self-paced course covering five domains:

  • Security Principles
  • Business Continuity (BC), Disaster Recovery (DR) & Incident Response Concepts
  • Access Controls Concepts
  • Network Security
  • Security Operations

Any time you’re ready, take the 100 Multiple Choice Question exam to get certified. Once you pass the exam, complete the application form and pay $50 annually to become a certified member of ISC2.

Is ISC2 Certified In Cybersecurity Worth It?

So, you must be wondering whether going through the course material and studying for the exam is worth it? While the exam is definitely easier than the other ISC2 certifications like CISSP and CCSP, it still requires a fair bit of effort. If you have a background in tech, you should be able to prepare for the exam in two weeks.

Whether the certification is worth it comes down to what you’re looking for. It’s unlikely that recruiters will be banging on your door after you get this certificate. In fact, there were no job postings on LinkedIn that asked for this particular certification.

However, if you want something that you can use to demonstrate your interest and commitment to cybersecurity during the interview process, this certification would probably be helpful.

Sign Up For The Certified In Cybersecurity Exam Today

Hurry! There are only 1 million slots available so if you’re interested, sign up today and you have access to the materials for 180 days. You can sign up at this link here:

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